Livingston Seventh-day Adventist Church had its nucleus in a meeting held 30 years ago on 16 August 1980 at the Willetton State High School.  On this date, 27 people signed up to become charter members of the new Willetton SDA Church and establish an Adventist presence in what was a new area of rapid urban growth.  Within a year the church had grown to 49 members, including two baptisms.

For 12 years the church used the facilities of the Willetton State High School for their meetings, but the goal of having their own place of worship was always paramount. 

The Minutes of the first Board meeting held on 14 September 1980 record that 50% of the church budget was to be allocated to the Building Fund, with a further 2% for the organ fund!

 Several sites were identified as possible locations for a new church, but all were out of reach financially.  Finally, in August 1984, a  one acre block in Riverton, on the corner of Tribute Street and Vahland  Avenue, was purchased.

Concept plans were drawn up, but there were many restrictions associated with building on this site.  The church remained open to God’s leading and in October 1988 a recommendation was made to the church to purchase a block of land that Les Major had located on Nicholson Road, near the corner of Ranford Road that had an asking price of $92,000.

Les described the site as being a total mess – waterlogged, with piles of rock heaps, old bitumen waste and scrap metal.  It was surrounded by bush and really “out in the sticks!“  Rezoning was a potential problem, especially as one neighbour strongly opposed a church on the site. However, Les prayed about the situation and the Lord softened the heart of the neighbour. Not only that, but when an offer was put to the owner for less than the asking price (the agent was adamant he would not accept), he happily accepted when he knew the land was for a church.  In another sign of the Lord’s leading, the purchase price of $88,000 was almost totally covered from funds in hand.  

A decision had to be made about which block to build on.  Feelings ran high, but in the end it was decided to put the Riverton block on the market for a particular price and see what happened.

In July 1991, the Riverton block sold in a depressed market for  $250,000 – exactly what was asked for and further evidence that God’s hand was over all. 

At the beginning of 1991 Pr Ian Royce was appointed church paster.  He had been involved in several previous church building projects and was definitely the right man for the job!  Under his leadership things really got moving.

The original estimate of $870,000 to build the church dropped to $510,000, thanks to a downturn in the building industry, and work commenced in June 1992.  Six months later on 2 January 1993, the Livingston SDA Church worshipped together for the very first time in their own building!

Approximately 270 people were present.  A few weeks later the church was filled to capacity when it was officially dedicated on 27 February 1993.

Today Livingston Church stands as testament to the Lord’s leading.  Over the past 30 years it has created a vibrant church community, growing from 27 members to over 400.  Situated in the centre of a rapidly expanding. surburban area, it is ideally located to fulfil its mission of following Jesus, serving others and sharing God’s love while looking forward to His soon return!